Full Truck Load Services in India

To understand the nuances of Full Truck Load Transportation, we first need to comprehend what it is. The defining characteristic of FTL transportation is that it is a carrier, carrying goods for a sole customer. It is profitable to the customer because it is cheaper and faster than a shipping service. Containers, once loaded, stop only at delivery locations. There are no chances of mix ups because of the single customer policy.

Delivery can be made to multiple stops if you are a retail chain owner. It is ideal for large loads with special provisions for-loading and un-loading. These features make FTL a perfect fit for the transportation of heavy goods in countries like India, Bhutan and Nepal. Bulk Cargo Transportation, is the transport of goods in large quantities, where the vehicle itself acts as a container. The measurement of the cargo distinguishes between general cargo and bulk cargo. Bulk cargo can be of two kinds- solid and liquid. Both of these will require a different kind of bulk cargo transport as well as handling. Liquid Bulk Cargo like oil, gas, water etc., are preferably transported by land over water. This is because of the efficiency of FTL Transportation.
We even recommend and encourage our clients to opt for FTL services because of its better efficiency and timely delivery.

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    The next thing is to see that the product is getting into the right container. It is then ready for transport from the dock city to cities within the state. For example, from Haldia, it can be moved to other parts of the state like Kolkata or Durgapur. It can also be transported to other states in the country. It could even move cross borders to countries like Nepal and Bhutan.
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    The type of truck that is to be used should also be carefully considered. Since we already know that the vehicle doubles as a container, it is a choice of paramount importance.
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    The standard vessel is a 20-foot container of 10 pallets each of 48″X40″ or 48 units. Transportation of a single consignment is the sole purpose of an entire container.
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    Many export/import companies in West Bengal, placed mostly in Haldia and Durgapur have turned to FTL and freight forwarding services.
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    This is because of the convenience and profitability provided by them. At Haldia, we can see transporters leaving the docks at all hours. West Bengal does a lot of business with Nepal and Bhutan. So FTLs from India carrying all kinds of goods are in motion cross borders.
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    Full Truck Load transportation in Nepal has also gained preference over shipping. Thus, India and its neighbours are turning to FTL services in increasing proportions